I love the Celtics just as much as I love web design.

This is my story.

I’m Danielle, a professional Web Designer with 20 years of experience and contract Tech Editor with 16+ years of experience for one of the largest computer textbook publishers. I have developed a variety of web sites with various needs and requirements including mobile responsive WordPress blogs, Joomla Content Management Systems, E-Commerce stores, and much more.

I designed my first web site on Geocities during my college years in 1996. I recently tracked down an early fan page from 1999 that I designed, still alive on free servers. This web site is the HTML foundation of my Web Design career. Since then, I have continued to grow in the field while staying on the cutting-edge of the latest web design trends and technology.

Over 12 years ago, WordPress launched and I was on the quest to learn as much as I could about the CMS. It quickly became the most popular Content Management System in the world with hundreds of thousands of templates on millions of web sites. In editing many different templates through the years I’m constantly learning on the fly and adapting.

I typically build e-commerce shops using Shopify, WP eCommerce and Magento. I also specialize in Joomla CMS web development. For building custom web sites my tools of choice are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC for creating a layout foundation and logo, and Dreamweaver CC to produce clean semantic XHTML and CSS.

I have been contracted by Course Technology, a division of Cengage Learning since 2001 as a Senior Technical Editor for operating system, web design, networking, Office, and programming content. I work very closely with Authors, Development Editors, and Product Managers in helping maintain a very high standard of quality in their content, typically performing multiple passes on a book to ensure a textbook, online exam, or lab is error-free and on point.

The marriage of Web Design with my contract Tech Editing work at Cengage Learning  keeps me constantly learning and testing new technology, especially in the applications and software department. I have the fortunate opportunity to work on beta software, learning upcoming and current applications before they are released to the public. I am constantly learning, playing dual roles of Student/Professor during my Tech Edits, and am thankful for every business opportunity I get.

Danielle Shaw

Danielle Shaw

Founder, Lead Designer

Some tunes

I love Spotify and curating playlists of music new and old. Here’s a playlist of music from my life that I often listen to while working.

By the numbers

Let’s break it down.

  • WordPress 90%
  • Social Media Marketing 75%
  • Non-profits & Schools 40%
  • Maintenance Plans 75%
  • Happy Clients 100%

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