Connect people on Facebook to your business

Facebook’s new local awareness ads are the best way to reach people when they’re near your business. And now that they’ve added a “Call Now” button, people can call you directly from News Feed.

Visitors can make a reservation, set up an appointment or just get more information about your business, right from your ad.

And to make these ads even easier to set up, you can now create local awareness ads directly from your Page. All you need to do is set a budget and the area you want to reach. Facebook will do the rest.

Facebook offers two call-to-action buttons that allow your business to connect with a local audience and drive offline sales:
  • Call Now. When a person clicks on the “Call Now” button in your ad, their phone will automatically dial your business.
  • Get Directions. When a person clicks on the “Get Directions” button, they will be guided directly to your location right from their phone.

Create a new local awareness ad and talk to people today. Contact me for help getting you set-up correctly!

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