FilingMate of Boston, MA project is a brand-new startup on WordPress. It is a responsive, mobile-first, design that incorporates video and an embedded font consistent with the logo. They wanted to keep the color orange running through the design while highlighting the features of the service.

Scott and his team blog current events and podcasts, and there is a hookup to the customer login. All elements of the website except the logo were part of the brand consultation. It’s a clean and fast design with a high SEO and performance score, that doesn’t waste the visitor’s time.

There are a few other neat features including a hookup login for clients, dynamic background images, a contact form, and video enhanced for mobile devices.  I used blurb icons used add some style to the design and enhance the overall vibe. Scott didn’t want too much clutter or text, and we found the perfect amount to use effectively on the web.

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