has evolved in the last two years as her business has grown. She prefers a very simple site that has a brief landing page to set the tone of her business, helping folks step out and achieve their goals, especially in speaking/performing experiences. From the landing page the visitor is filtered into the appropriate location to contact JR, either via typeform new client form that is stepped and has the visitor click through the form, establishing a relationship with the client, or her simple contact form for general questions.  The intro video is 4k and responsive.

At first she wanted a landing page to collecting emails for her marketing campaign. We grew that into a marketing site to generate leads and clients and streamline the booking process.

Here’s a peek into the process from her pen to my keyboard & mouse. Jennifer initially provided me with a drawing of her ideal landing page.

From her sketch, I was able to custom code a ConvertKit form to her liking as well as the rest of the page. Check it out and stay tuned for more on the web development process!

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