I created this graphic in Photoshop to thank @RepKClark from the @ARL4Hillary team for her part in starting #NoBillNoBreak. #Enough was the historic House of Rep sit-in/filibuster to force a vote for common sense gun reform.

‘No bill, no break!’ House Democrats sit in for gun control vote

Katherine Clark

Democrats staged a remarkable and unruly 16-hour sit-in in the House of Representatives on Wednesday to protest at the lack of progress on gun control. This graphic helped commend her hard work and dedication on social media. The House officially adjourned at 3.14am on Thursday without voting on new measures, but some Democrats were still speaking on the floor well into the morning. The next votes are scheduled for 5 July. Democrats stayed on the floor, shouting “No bill no break!” , as some waved papers with the names of victims of gun violence. Around 10pm on Wednesday, the speaker, Paul Ryan, was shouted down and his office switched off the cameras and microphones covering proceedings. Democrats retaliated by live-streaming their message on their cellphones. “We have been too quiet for too long,” said Representative John Lewis, 76, who was leading the protest and who half a century ago took part in sit-ins and acts of disobedience during the civil rights struggle. “There comes a time when you have to say something. You have to make a little noise. You have to move your feet. This is the time.”

The Guardian continues a five-part exploration of the gun control issue.

Originally on The Guardian.


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