I’m currently the Social Media Manager for the Arlington for Hillary Clinton Twitter account.  I manage the design, photos, logo, favorites, retweets (RT), and 95% of the tweets. Using Twitter Analytics, I tracked my early progress in growing the account.

The the image gallery below shows the first 28 day engagement analytics. It begins the day I took over the @ARL4Hillary Twitter account in Feb of 2016. I was able to grow this account with tremendous success organically through smart and savvy connections and interactions. Notice the green percentage increase in impressions, visits, mentions, and followers.

588% increase in profile visits and 454% increase in tweet impressions

In July of 2016 – 5 months later – I have sustained growth to 900 active and engaged followers.  I can do this for you or your business too! Contact me to get started!

In the meantime, check out the analytics reports below.




Here are top tweets for July 2016.

13k impressions on one tweet with a 4.8% engagement rate!

Top Tweets in July


Check out current @ARL4Hillary tweets

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