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Sarah Haase at Shanti Bodywork has been a client (and a friend) for many years. Her first web site by me was on the Joomla CMS system and as her business grew, her web needs grew. After two redesigns, we decided to move to the more secure and flexible WordPress system. Her most recent design features her rug as part of the design and has colors and a vibe to match her studio in Beverly, MA. Check out her site at

The Corner Butcher Shop of Beverly, MA project is the result of a complete WordPress redesign. It is a responsive, mobile-first, modular design using Divi framework. Melinda wanted a modern yet vintage vibe to the site, so I incorporated an old-time feel with meat cutouts to the design. I also took inspiration from their chalkboard to bring the brick & mortar shop “look and feel” to their online shop.  Her goal was to recreate the vibrant experience in the shop, so upon visiting the site there is a hero panorama of the store with all the necessary contact info and clickable phone/directions.

Melinda is always on social media for The Corner Butcher Shop, so I designed the site where 75% of the photos on the site are are pulled from her latest posts using Instagram hashtags. If Melinda tags a photo #meats, it populates the photo gallery on the Meats page, and so on throughout the entire site. If you like this style, please let me know!  It's a very easy way to keep your site fresh and up-to-date without doing a lot of extra work. Just add a hashtag!


FilingMate of Boston, MA project is a brand-new startup on WordPress. It is a responsive, mobile-first, design that incorporates video and a font consistent with the logo. They wanted to keep the color orange running through the design while highlighting the features of the service.

Scott and his team blog current events and podcasts, and there is a hookup to the customer login. All elements of the website except the logo were part of the brand consultation. It's a clean and fast design that doesn't waste the visitor's time.

Newtowne School WordPress Web Design

The Newtowne School in Cambridge, MA needed a WordPress site that had a separate blog for each classroom. The result was a network of 8 WordPress installations interconnected in one hub. This hub included a public portion for all to see, and a private portion for only parents or family members to see. The classrooms could easily blog and each classroom had a distinct, yet maintained a similar look-and-feel throughout the site. Integrated in the site was a calendar feature of events and special dates that the Director updated as needed.

International Study Tours


The Mercatello sul Metauro June/July 2018 landing page was recently completed for International Study Tours. This is a new site and logo design on the WordPress system. The site reads like a brochure with overlay pop-ups instead of separate pages. The Registration Form is connected to PayPal. I also created a vibrant Facebook page with Custom Ads ready to go.  Future study groups will be added using this configuration and built into a full website with a navigation menu.


The Cengage Office & Windows Blog has been live since 2015. Cengage Learning uses this blog to pair with their Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Windows 10 titles. Each book that is published is shipped with this blog for reference and the successful blog averages thousands of hits a month. Cengage Learning wanted a simple blog that matches the color and style used by Microsoft for their popular computing programs and applications.  In addition to the design, I also provide all the site maintenance, updates and hosting for the successful blog.



The Wonder of Learning Boston exhibit's WordPress web design is in full swing. Here's a sneak peak at the landing page. Be sure to give them a follow too, especially if you're a 0-5 year early childhood educator in New England. This exciting exhibit will be at UMass Boston June - Nov 2018.

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The Arch Plumbing & Heating site design is a hybrid desktop/mobile experience on WordPress. It features easy access contact options with a modern design that looks good on all devices.  Be sure to check it out at on your mobile device for the full experience.

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