Ryan Solen for Congress (www.solenforcongress.com) needed a postcard for canvassing designed quickly within 24 hours. Here is the final set, which has two different front options and a variety of styles for the back. I created the back fwith plenty of blank space for Ryan’s team to add in voter information and other text. Lauren, who is an amazing Chief of Staff & Comms, loved the Wisconsin flag on the back design. The front has placeholder text and editable graphics as well.

Ryan is a techie and wanted to tweak the text easily for various uses, so I provided color-coded PSDs for his use. Check out the editable, color-coded and grouped layers of the PSD shown in Photoshop below:

Layered PSD (Photoshop) file for Ryan's use
Can’t wait to see the campaign’s instagram of the final product in use!  For now, here are some mini-thumbnail examples (the image color is much brighter in these examples, the actual color is reflected above).

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