6 Ways Teachers Respond to Technology in Education and E-Learning

  1. The Hangers-On
    Hangers-on know all the right lingo, attend all the right seminars, but just don’t actually do anything.
  2. The Erasers
    These people endeavor to undo much, if not all, of the work done by the leaders.
  3. The Ferrules
    These people hang on tightly to what they know. They keep a strong grip on their traditional teaching practices, and feel that there is not a place for technology in their classroom.
  4. The Wood
    These people would use the technology if someone would just get them the gear, set it up, train them, and keep it running. All they need is help from some sharp person, and they would be doing it too.
  5. The Sharp Ones
    These are the people that see what the early adopters have done, willingly grab the best of it, learn from the mistakes of others, and do great stuff with their students.
  6. The Leaders
    These people are the first to take on the technology, the early adopters would usually document and enthusiastically share what they have tried, warts and all.

via rhul-lt.blogspot.com

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